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SHOWS: Expo Detergo 2022, Rho-Milan, Italy

MAXI‐PRESS presents membranes and spare parts at the Expo Detergo in Milan, Italy
Visit us from 21. – 24. October 2022 at our booth P21, Hall 1

After a long time without shows and without the personal exchange with customers, things are finally moving forward. MAXI-PRESS was already present with a booth at the Clean Show in the USA in July. The feedback from the visitors was consistently positive. MAXI-PRESS is all the more pleased to present its products and all innovations at a european show to all visitors at the Expo Detergo in Milan, Italy from 21-24.10.2022 - Hall 1, Stand P21.

Antibacterial water extraction membrane with Hohenstein certificate: ANTI-BACT
The latest development from MAXI-PRESS is the ANTI-BACT water extraction membrane. This high-tech innovation from Germany is a certified product and has all the well-known advantages and areas of application of MAXI-PRESS. It contributes to a significant reduction of germs in the laundry. In addition to testing by the German Hohenstein Institute, customers confirm the advantages of the membrane. The mode of action actively prevents the formation of germs on the membrane surface. The laundry is thus protected from germs and organic deposits that could originate from the membrane surface during the entire pressing process. The antibacterial effect of the high-tech product is unlimited. ANTI-BACT membranes are particularly suitable for use in hospitals and care facilities.

System hanger compatible with METRICON and TRANSLINE systems
New in the range of system hangers for the transport of garment parts is our EVO1 lobster hanger, compatible with METRICON systems. With this new version of the lobster hanger, the chip can be changed directly from the outside. Also, a faster opening of the housing and exchange of single spare parts is possible due to a newly designed screw system. Staining of the material or hot screws in contact with the linen will be avoided due to the new developed hanger material and design changes around the new screw area. In addition to compatible lobster hangers for METRICON systems, MAXI-PRESS also has various versions of compatible system hangers for TRANSLINE systems in its range.

Newly developed spring covering for all ironers
The new MP-X-Spring Pro cylinder covering is characterised above all by the selected material: The springs are made of 100 percent stainless steel and are therefore completely rust-free, even over long periods of use. In addition, the band cannot break off - unlike with common spring coverings. The system is suitable for every type of ironer and every roller size. The spring height can be selected between 8 and 15 millimetres in steps of 0.5 millimetres and the width of the spring band is 50 millimetres. The endless band can be shortened or lengthened as required. The optimal roller circumference of the ironer can be achieved with the MP-X-Spring Pro spring covering with only 1 bar contact pressure. The lower resistance of the rollers thus protects the gears of the ironer and leads to increased energy savings. Due to the improved exhaust air of the spring, you also have less cloth wear.

Visit us at our booth at the Expo Detergo.
We are looking forward to see you!

EXPOdetergo, Rho-Milan, Italy
21. – 24. October 2022
Hall 1, Booth P21

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