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PRODUCTS: New service and product offerings

MAXI-PRESS strengthens service and product offerings for laundries
New membranes and extensive installation and repair service

MAXI-PRESS now operates throughout Germany with several service teams. In addition, industrial laundry customers in other European countries can take advantage of the installation and repair service. Worldwide, the company also secures the operational capability of its customers' equipment via shareholdings, subsidiaries and partnerships.

The focus of the service offer is on all work around the ironer operation and the installation of the MAXI-PRESS membranes for water extraction presses of all common manufacturers. In addition, the MAXI-PRESS service teams support customers with mechanical problems of all kinds, e.g. in the area of batch washers, dryers and ironers, especially on machines and equipment from Jensen, Kannegiesser, Lavatec, Girbau and Transferon. MAXI-PRESS customers can reach the installation and repair service by calling +49 6659 99946-0 or through their usual contact person.

Selection of services offered by MAXI-PRESS:

• From cylinder coverings (FEZ partner) to repair work on flatwork ironers

• All mechanical repair work of an industrial laundry, such as

• Change of compartment seals and drive wheels on batch washers

• Installation of membranes and change of seals of the main cylinder on water extraction presses

• All electrical work on plants

• Removals or assembly and disassembly of complete plants

• Maintenance of machines according to the maintenance plan of the original machine manufacturers

• Vacation replacement of in-house technicians on site at the plant 

MAXI-PRESS is strengthening its service and sales activities worldwide. In addition to the existing companies and partnerships in Europe, Australia and the USA, the elastomer specialist has founded its own company in Shanghai, China. This enables MAXI-PRESS to respond much better to the special Chinese market conditions on site. Customers from all over the world can order membranes and laundry accessories via the online store

Since the beginning of the year, MAXI-PRESS has been offering its customers proven added value with the unique ANTI-BACT antibacterial drainage membrane. The Hohenstein Institute has confirmed the antibacterial effectiveness of the ANTI-BACT membrane with its test seal. Laundries that offer textile services, e.g. with the RAL quality mark for hospitals and care facilities, use the ANTI-BACT membrane in particular. The new membrane from MAXI-PRESS enables laundry to be processed more hygienically in all standard water extraction presses. ANTI-BACT actively prevents the formation of germs on the membrane surface. As a result, no germs or organic deposits are transferred from the membrane to the laundry during the entire pressing process.

MAXI-PRESS manufactures the ANTI-BACT membranes for water extraction presses of all common laundry machine manufacturers at its headquarter in Eichenzell near Fulda. These membranes have all the well-known advantages of MAXI-PRESS, such as guaranteed 30,000 press cycles, fast delivery, manufacturer independence, installation service and much more. ANTI-BACT or the special material in connection with the membrane is a certified and protected product of MAXI-PRESS Elastomertechnik GmbH. The antibacterial effect of ANTI-BACT membranes is unlimited and the membrane is available for all common water extraction presses. 

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